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AkashTechnology, it’s all the resources you need to transform your hotel’s digital presence and maximize performance.

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Hotel Channel Manager

Starts at Rs.2000 / Mo

Get Connected with world class channel manager to control all connected OTA’s from on single screen and single click

Hotel Booking Engine

Free with any plan

Drive more direct bookings to maximise your revenue. Get more commission-free reservations through your hotel website and take charge of the guest experience

Web Development

Starts at Rs.500 / Mo

Custom web application development by our expert web app developers. Front-end & design, backend, database, and server scale designed to fit your custom workflow.

Digital Marketing

Starts at Rs.10000 / Mo

Your brand has a story. And we are the storytellers. Through digital marketing, we build bespoke programs designed to bring your organization to new heights

Your Success Is Our Success

lightning-fast software that growth your business

Explore new advanced technology to manage your hotel and while managing your hotel distribute your room availability and rates to hundreds of online channels and travel agencies from one central application and repository.


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Increase your sales through better pricing. On the basis of the most relevant data.

Starter Plan

Rs.2000 / Mo

Business made simple – for beginners and experts alike.

Advanced Plan

Rs.2500 / Mo

Business made advanced – for everyone

Complete Plan

Rs.4000/ Mo

Business made complete – perfect business

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Channel Manager Made Easy: Simplify Your Online Presence with AkashTechnology

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