Hotel Booking Engine

Drop OTA commissions througth hotel reservation system and Increase direct bookings from your website..

Sell More Rooms & Grow Your Revenue

Booking Engine is a tool which integrated into hotels own website where customers can check room availability & book directly.Build your direct revenue strategy, with a beautfiully crafted hotel booking engine for your hotel website with an intuitive user interface to deliver a great user experience, and commission-free bookings. Our booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while using their PC, smart phones or tablets.

It works as an excellent Revenue Management tool for the hotels, very simple, time saving and easy to use.

Hotel Channel Manager gives you the ability to manage reservation of rooms in your hotel through as many channels as you want to along with managing the inventory and giving you a clear picture of the booking dates, the rooms availability, the guests arrival/departure dates, rate management,the other promo offers etc in one dashboard.

It is a common practice for hoteliers to add their hotels to different OTAs. Now a day OTA’s are the major source of online bookings, other than their own website.

Not only we manages OTA’s, we also captures bookings from hoteliers own website with the help of booking engine.

Benefits of Hotel Booking Engine

Reduce OTA commission

One of the very important things about a booking engine that is generally unnoticed is that by using one you can cut out many of the additional fees.

Increase Booking

Booking engine helps to increase your hotel revenue by converting hotel website looker into booker.

Convenience To Book

Our booking engines give the major advantage of bookings online is convenient. Customers on the go can even make bookings on their Smart phones, laptop and so on.

Benefits of Hotel Booking Engine

Booking Hotel offers booking engine which helps to create look and color as per hotel current website. Easy to integrate with any exiting or new website, No matter website technology and hosting, its simple web url which we need to add on website book now buttong to start accepting booking. It is a simple, fast and hassle-free way to sell the rooms or beds directly to the visitors of your website and allows you to enhance the booking process.